Your Competitors Are Stealing Your Sales

Farhad Hossain
2 min readSep 17, 2022


And here’s why…

In today’s noisy world, your customers and clients are constantly bombarded with information overload, ads, emails (and cat videos).

So attention span has decreased to 5 seconds.

If you can’t grab their attention (and hold it) with your promotions within 5 seconds, you lose them to your competitor who can.

They scroll right past your ad and to the next fun post.

Or they touch down on your landing page and bounce right off.

Or they skip (and sometimes even “bin”) your email and move on to Sally’s more interesting email.

Either way, you lose most of your potential sales to your competitors who know how to play this marketing game better (even if you have a better product).

It’s a bloody competition for attention out there.

But with a compelling, high-converting and hypnotic “Online Selling System”(persuasive copy, landing pages, ads and emails) that cut through the noise, you can reclaim your lost potential sales back!

If you’re not using this competition-proof selling system…

…No matter how much traffic you drive to your website,

You’ll only end up flushing money down the drain in ad spend.

But why settle for LESS sales when you could be making much MORE, converting the same amount of ad spend into massive revenue for your business?

Doesn’t make any sense, right?

You said yes?

Then that’s where I come in to fix this for you.

I help Coaches, Consultants, Financial Publishers, DTC brands and B2B/SaaS companies convert more visitors and viewers into leads and sales with high-converting copy and funnels that do the selling (on autopilot) and make them itchy to buy.

Here’s What I Can Do For You:

✅ Rejig your offer and make it insanely hard for your customers/clients to refuse
✅ Spot and fix conversion murderers on your ads, landing pages, funnels and emails (and optimize them)
✅ Carryout beyond-the-surface, no-nonsense, Navy SEALs kinda market research that sets you up for customer conversion (your competitors are barely scratching the surface)
✅ Turn the above into emotionally-persuading, no-fluff marketing copy that bring in a downpour of sales for you
✅ Create a lead generation and sales funnel strategy that’ll have your competitors trembling with worry
✅ Build a done-for-you sales funnel for you… that converts ice-cold strangers into instant buyers… on autopilot

Contact me here, or at ::

…so we can go over your sales goals and I will break down the process of hitting them for you.

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