Why I Used Social Media For My Bussiness

Farhad Hossain
3 min readMar 28, 2022


Nobody could have imagined that social media marketing could grow to rival traditional marketing methods. When social media was in its infancy, it was a pastime of people who had nothing better to do.

Unbeknownst to them, they were building some of the largest marketing platforms the world will ever know. Businesses today are flocking to social media channels to get their brand out there. Why is social media such an indispensable tool for businesses?

It improves your online presence.

Unless customers know about your company, your products will remain at your warehouse, collecting dust. The simple act of creating social media channels for your brand increases your company’s visibility.

Instagram reported that at least 60% of its users discover products there. Most people don’t trust blindly, so they often go online to find information about newly discovered products. Establishing a social media presence makes it easier for them to see you.

It helps you find customers and employees.

You can talk directly to your target audience if you figure out their preferred social media platforms. Social media can help you reach a specific audience by using features like hashtags and geotags for photos. These targeting methods help to increase your return on investment because you get higher-quality leads.

Social media can also help you to gain new employees. Many job seekers visit social media websites to find potential jobs. You can use this opportunity to get the word out about job vacancies at your company.

Get feedback directly from your customers.

One benefit of social media is its interactive nature. When you want to get feedback about your existing or upcoming products, you can ask for peoples’ opinions on social media.

The people that respond don’t even need to be existing customers. You could request potential customers to recommend the products they want to see you make in the future.

Social media also enables customers to post reviews about your products. It can be either positive or negative. You can use negative reviews to your advantage. You can get ahead of the situation by dealing with negative comments from people. You will get good publicity when people see you taking responsibility for the complaints and providing solutions.

Social media helps businesses to increase sales volume.

Although it is free to create social media profiles, you could get additional benefits by paying for social media promotion.

One option is buying ads on various social media platforms. Buying ads helps you reach a carefully selected audience to get maximum return on your investment.

Relatively new businesses seeking to boost their online presence can hire social media marketing agencies. These agencies can increase your followers to enable you to improve your organic following.

Give a human face to your business.

Sometimes people perceive businesses as soul-less entities that are only out to get their money.

You can rewrite the narrative for your business by joining social media. When you post on social media and interact with your customers, it will be easier to connect with them and gain their trust.


The Internet has made it challenging to get customers using traditional means. It simplified the process of discovering and buying products.

Fortunately, social media made it easier to reach customers directly. Though it has become a battleground for businesses looking for more customers, it has proven its worth as a customer-acquisition source.