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Low startup capital

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Low-Risk Marketing Strategy

If you have been in the eCommerce space for some little time, you should have come across the term affiliate marketing. However, you could still be wondering what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where affiliate third parties are used for marketing business products or services and paid some commission. The more the marketing and conversion, the high the commission and the reason it is performance-based marketing. The third-party marketer agrees with the business either directly or through an affiliate. Depending on the nature of marketing, the marketer shares a link of the eCommerce business page in their social networks. The potential customer gets the link and is redirected to the business page. If they make purchases, the business gains profits, and the affiliate markets receive the commission.

Many businesses are turning to affiliate marketing from its low costs and high returns on investment. Traditional marketing may be too costly to service for small enterprises. However, affiliate marketing is cost-effective and can help build a brand like any other high-end marketing process. There are numerous benefits that affiliate marketing has to both the marketer and the businesses under promotion.

1. Low startup capital

Unlike traditional marketing, where you need to have a team of marketers or purchase the ads space, affiliate marketing only requires you to engage an affiliate on agreeable terms. You then let them share your product or services on their social media platforms and networks. You reap the benefits of having their friends and viewers as your customers when those interested in the product or services link up for purchases.

2. Increase competitive advantage and suitable for startups.

Affiliate marketing has been a great equalizer for small and medium enterprises. Startups have also been competitively performing better with building their brands through affiliate marketing. When the affiliate marketer is a celebrity or commands a massive following on social networks, the products can receive popularity within hours as they go viral from the massive following of the affiliate. Nonetheless, affiliate marketing does not need the affiliate to be a celebrity. As far as they effectively share the product or services link to their viewers and friends, traffic can be generated and conversion happens to earn credit to the business and the marketer.

3. A good side hassle job

Affiliate marketing benefits the marketers as they can earn without having to quit their job for marketing. They can do the marketing along with other jobs.

4. It is a low-risk marketing strategy

Commission in affiliate marketing is paid when there is a real conversion of traffic to customers. Therefore, the marketing strategy is low risk to businesses as they do not commit a marketing budget without real conversion.

5. Limitless techniques and marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing provides a variety of strategies and marketing techniques that the marketer can capitalize on in promoting the business products and services. The flexibility of the work makes it a good side hassle. You can market the business in your blog, use social media platforms or even form online tutorials or courses and recommend them to your friends. The strategies aim to increase the conversion of traffic through purchasing the products and services.

6. Affiliate marketing is performance-based and thus effective in growing the business audience.

The use of target affiliates like past customers increases the chances of conversion from their friends and viewers who can be in need of the product or services. The strategy is based on pay per purchase arising from your marketing. Therefore, the affiliates are motivated to share the product or service ad as wide as possible to get maximum returns. Through this strategy, the business audience grows as new customers continue purchasing the products or services from the affiliate promotion links and networks.

The above benefits of affiliate marketing are the reasons that will make you need to explore this side hassle from the comfort of your other job and continue earning silently as you handle your other jobs. You can do it at free time and even after work. However, you need to check out the other side of the strategy before investing your time and resource in the business.



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